About Us - Europtics
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About Us

Europtics is Colorado owned and operated for over 30 years…

We started Europtics back in 1983 as an alternative to the poorly made, mass produced eyewear sold to unsuspecting customers by the big chains. To this day, we take great pride in bringing the finest eyewear made around the world to our customers in Colorado. We are the leading independent chain of optical stores in the Rocky Mountain west. We believe in craftsmanship, attention to detail and offering the best eyeglasses and sunglasses from around the world.


Many of the brand names we are proud to sell are little known outside the optical industry, but they are brand names most any other optical store would practically give their first-born to be able to carry. Europtics is the optical stores of choice for designers around the world, and the optical stores of choice for Coloradans in the know.

CCSC1bThe original Cherry Creek Shopping Center where we started in 1983

Our mission is to


Offer the finest eyewear, reasonably priced, meticulously crafted and superbly fit.

Since we opened our first location in the old Cherry Creek Shopping Center in Denver in 1983, everything we have done and continue to do, works towards meeting and exceeding that statement. Today we have 3 stores in the Denver metro area. As a preferred dealer for over 50 distinctive, designer name brands, every pair of our eyeglasses and sunglasses is handcrafted and custom fit to your individual specifications.

Europtics employs only certified opticians who must pass a rigorous test and continue with ongoing education to help you select the right eyewear for your needs. Europtics opticians are not paid commission and are, therefore, free to help you select the right look for your face, your style, your budget, and your individual optical needs. Inside every Europtics location, you will find hundreds of eyeglasses and sunglasses that have met our demanding standards for design quality and exemplary manufacturing; resulting in eyewear you can trust day after day to provide you with the clarity of vision you demand.

In addition to the quality eyeglasses and sunglasses we carry, we are even more demanding of the lens companies with which we partner. It would be all too easy to only sell the big, well-advertised lens brand names. We choose instead to work with the most advanced lens designs and manufacturers to provide the greatest field of vision, digitally and individually ground to the exact prescription for your eyes and your eyeglasses alone. No other optical stores spend so much time and attention to craft lenses just for you than Europtics.