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The pools may be closed for the year, but farm fresh fruits are still abundant in farmer’s markets and grocery shelves. One of our favorites is cantaloupe, and wouldn’t you know it, cantaloupe has so many wonderful properties to it, including for your eyes.

Cantaloupes have been the subject of many studies, some of which suggest consumption can actually decrease your risk of obesity while increasing energy levels. Cantaloupe consumption has been known to support heart health, decreasing blood pressure, reducing the risk of strokes, and protecting the body from loss of muscle mass. It can even help reduce the formation of kidney stones.

Being in the optical business, we are most excited by the reports that eating cantaloupe can decrease our risk and the progression of age-related macular degeneration. Cantaloupes contain the anti-oxidant, zeaxanthin, which has been found to naturally filter out harmful blue light rays, protecting our eyes.

So, head on down to your favorite grocer and pick up some farm-fresh local cantaloupe today. Your taste buds, your body, and your eyes will thank you!

Today is certainly not one of the biggest holidays you will celebrate all summer, but in the eye care community, today is Different Color Eye Day. People like Mila Kunis, Kate Bosworth, Benedict Cumberbatch, Robert Downey Jr, and Christopher Walken are known for having noticeably different colored eyes.

The technical term for having different colored eyes are heterochromia iridis or heterochromia iridum. Hetero mean “different”, chromia means “colors”,  and iridis or more technically iridium refers to the iris of the eye, or the thin colored circular structure that surrounds the iris and contains the melanin that gives our eyes our distinctive color.  


Heterochromia is usually benign or without any disease and does not affect your vision. It is generally considered very exotic. Heterochromia also occurs in animals, such as angora cats, Siberian huskies, or border collies.

In some cases Heterochromia is a symptom of another condition such as Horner’s syndrome. If your eyes have recently changed colors, schedule an appointment and let us give you a thorough eye exam.


It’s Shark Week! We are excited for the week-long celebration of Sharks on the Discovery Chanel. We thought it might be fun to share a little information on how sharks see their world while we all watch them.

Unlike human’s, shark’s eyes are almost on completely different sides of their head, giving them an almost 360-degree view of their world. A shark does have a couple of major blind spots, one of which is directly in front of their snout and the other right behind their head,  Like humans though, we sometimes wonder if mother sharks have proverbial eyes in the back of their heads.

Sharks can actually only see about 50 feet ahead which is why their sense of smell is so evolved. Remember, sharks can often smell a drop of blood as far as a quarter mile away. A shark’s eye has tapetum lucidum, which are mirrored crystals located behind the retina that help it see in the dark. Like a cat, it makes it appear that their eyes actually glow in the dark. Because of the tapetum lucidum, a shark can see about 10 times better than a human can in dim light.

Omega 3 fatty acids are important for eye health as they can decrease the risk of age-related macular degeneration and are also therapeutic for patients with dry eye syndrome. Where do we get Omega 3’s? For most of us, we find all the Omega 3 our body can use in fish and fish oil. Since summer is a great time for fresh fish, we thought it important to remind you to fill your summer (and your tummy) with lots of great fresh fish.



Want another way to get Omega 3’s? To get the same amount of Omega 3 that you would get form 1 fillet of salmon you would need to eat a dozen eggs.  Omega 3 eggs are a great eye food however; they don’t replace fish in the diet. Eating 2 servings of wild salmon (Alaska) per week and 2 servings of other cold-water fish will provide your body with an omega-3 intake equivalent to 850 mg of DHA and EPA per day. By comparison one omega-3 egg contains approximately 125mg of DHA (omega-3 fatty acids).  Although they are not a replacement for DHA and EPA in fish, eggs are a great source of other eye nutrients such as lutein, zeaxanthin, vitamin E and zinc.

When we were in New York at Vision Expo East this past April, we fell in love with a new line of eyewear from Italy called Sospiri. We wrote a few weeks ago that we received this amazing eyewear in our Cherry Creek North store. You know who else seems to have fallen in love with Sospiri? Oprah Winfrey. Here is a photo of Oprah who is one of the producers of the Tony award-winning  The Color Purple  at the 2016 Tony Awards wearing a pair of Sospiri Asia frames. Stop into Europtics Cherry Creek North store today and try on a pair of Sospiri for yourself.

NEW YORK, NY - JUNE 12:  Oprah Winfrey in the press room for the 70th Annual Tony Awards at the Beacon Theater on June 12, 2016 in New York City.  (Photo by Walter McBride/WireImage)

NEW YORK, NY – JUNE 12: Oprah Winfrey in the press room for the 70th Annual Tony Awards at the Beacon Theater on June 12, 2016 in New York City. (Photo by Walter McBride/WireImage)


Being in the optical business and being that optometry and eye health is the cornerstone to our business, we are obviously very concerned with eye health. An annual eye exam can test for much more than just your vision. It can reveal a variety of chronic systemic diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol and more. Early detection of such diseases can possibly save not just your eyesight, but your life. This infographic was shared with us recently showing how many people are affected by various eye conditions in the United States. If it has been a while since your last exam, call us or click here to schedule your eye exam. You will be glad you did.


We are very excited to bring another new line to our Greenwood Village location, WOOW eyewear. The WOOW collection comes from the cofounders of one of our favorite lines, Face a Face, from France. Between traditional and casual, chic and off-beat, the WOOW style speaks to women and men with a trendy sense of humor. The little message inserted in the end tip of the frame is sure to make you smile each morning. Stop into our Greenwood Village location and try a pair or two on today!

WOOW eyeglasses and sunglasses at Europtics Greenwood Village woow_sowhat_getoutB


While we were in New York last month, we were reintroduced to an old friend, Morgenthal Frederics eyewear. We were so taken with the great new looks that we had to be contained from taking the entire line home in our suitcases. Well, our order has arrived in our Cherry Creek North location and we invite you to come down this weekend and take a look at these wonderfully unique styles for yourself.

Morgenthal Frederics specializes in creating the most luxurious optical frames in the world by handcrafting them using the finest materials. Utilizing buffalo horn, acetate and titanium, these frames bring together comfort and aesthetics to produce a first-class optical experience for those who wear them.

Morgenthal Frederics eyewear now at Europtics - Denver, CO 080215_MF_Campaign_840x630_TracyClub 080215_MF_Campaign_840x630_Tilda 080215_MF_Campaign_840x630_Brad

We recently returned Vision Expo East, the optical super show in New York City, with the find of 2016, Sospiri eyewear. The Sospiri collection represents Ottica Veneta’s signature luxury line of optical and sun wear. Sospiri was inspired as a tribute to the Venetian maestros of old and those craftsmen who follow the same artisanal methods today. Through a rich intertwining of elegance and innovation, Sospiri frames are defined by their superior use of Austrian crystals, light metals, Italian acetates and unique artistic embellishments.

We are in love with this new line and we think you will be too. Stop into our Cherry Creek North location and try a pair of two on for yourself.

Sospiri eyeglasses now at Europtics - Denver, CO

Sospiri sunglasses now at Europtics - Denver, CO


It’s that time of year. Spring has spring and summer is just around the corner. This is the time of year everyone is outside and everyone is thinking sunscreen. The sad part of all this is so many people forget about their eyes and the dangers UV light poses for our eyesight. More than 1 in 3 of us have experienced symptoms from unprotective UV exposure. This can all be easily avoided by having a good pair of sunglasses close by. Our friends at The Vision Council have put together this infographic showing the dangers of spending time outside without quality sunglasses. Lucky for you Europtics has a wonderful collection of Rx and non-prescription sunglasses in a variety of shapes and colors, all designed to protect your vision while making you look cool. In fact, you can save 30% on prescription sunglasses lenses during May! Stop on in and try on a pair today!

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