Eyeglass frames

We recognize iconic looks every day. From Willie Nelson’s pigtails to Miley Cyrus’ tongue. In the eyeglass world, we have plenty of iconic looks as well, from Elton John to Harry Potter. Here is a look at some very famous eyewear from the folks at Pop Chart Lab. What is your look? We can help make it even more iconic!



Last Thursday, October 17th, Cherry Creek North celebrated fashion with a fashion show featuring the best from the area’s boutiques, including Europtics at the JW Marriott in Cherry Creek North. Here is a snapshot of some of the models as the displayed some of the great fashion looks people have come to Europtics to see, for 30 years now.



We are very excited to add the Barton Perreira line of eyeglasses and sunglasses to our Aspen Grove location. Barton Perriera was born from the vision of the designer, Patty Perreira and President of Oliver Peoples, Bill Barton, who ventured out on their own after the company was sold to Luxottica in 2006. Barton Perreira is one of our favorite lines of eyewear and has been since Europtics was selected to be one of the first optical retailers to sell the line back in 2007. Stop into our new Aspen Grove location today and see these great eyeglasses and sunglasses for yourself.



Europtics is all about The Art Of Optics. We believe a great pair of eyeglasses or sunglasses can frame your face and accentuate your personality. Our buyers looks over eyewear lines from around the world and one of our favorites these days is Ørgreen from Copenhagen. Designed in Denmark and manufactured in Japan, Ørgreen frames are individually crafted with more than 100 processes, taking up to months in their penchant for perfection. Europtics is proud to sell Ørgreen in Colorado.


We have just received our Summer Collection of Ørgreen titanium frames in a rainbow of colors. Stop into Europtics today and try on a pair of these fabulous frames. 




Matsuda Eyewear is prominently featured in Marvel’s summer blockbuster IRON MAN 3.  Robert Downey Jr., as eccentric, billionaire, playboy Tony Stark, brings a distinct attitude to his character that is perfectly complemented by the luxurious nature of Matsuda Eyewear.  Matsuda is available at Europtics. Stop in soon for your own geniuis, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist eyewear look.

Now that we’ve received a nice big March snow and we’ve sprung forward into Daylight Savings Time, we know Spring is just around the corner. One of our favorite eyewear lines, Barton Perreira has released this new video showcasing some of the great new looks in their Spring 2013 collection, which are arriving daily at Europtics.


One of our perennial favorites is Oliver Peoples. For 25 years now, Oliver Peoples has produced some of the finest eyeglasses and sunglasses in the industry and Europtics is proud to sell the line at all five of our locations. We have customers who come in year after year asking what the newest Oliver Peoples designs look like. Here is a video Oliver Peoples created to commemorate their 25th Anniversary featuring actor Ray Liotta and Israeli model, Bar Paly.



roli-winter-2009_11We love being the optical shop vendors from around the world want to showcase their product in. We are proud to announce that we are bringing an exciting to new line of hand-made, lightweight wooded, bamboo and woodstone eyeglass frames to our Cherry Creek North store called ROLF. ROLF eyewear has been winning award after award for design since the company began just a few short years ago. Each pair of handcrafted frames go through 78 working steps in creation taking several hours each. We think when you see these exciting eyeglasses and sunglasses you will be as excited as we are. Stop by Europtics Cherry Creek North store and try a pair on for yourself soon.

Europtics has been at the forefront of picking out the hottest new lines in eyeglasses and sunglasses for almost 30 years.  The line of companies knocking on our doors to try and convince us to carry their products keeps our buyers very busy indeed. We are very excited to announce that Europtics is now selling OVVO. OVVO frames are as light as can be, barely moving the scales at well under an ounce a pair. Yet, these lightweight frames demonstrate a beauty of design elegance frames three times their weight cannot begin to emulate. These beautiful frames are built to withstand the rigors of day to day life as well, so you can wear them with your best suits or blue jeans. Come in to a Europtics store today and see the OVVO line of eyeglasses and sunglasses for yourself.