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We know there are plenty of places like grocery stores and big box merchants who sell reading glasses. We also know the difference between buying a quality product and the cheapest thing import available. We believe that your two eyes are pretty precious to you and that you want to care for them and make sure this most valuable of the senses lasts a lifetime. That is one of the reasons we don’t carry nor recommend cheap reading glasses. Sam Kotob has been in the optical business much longer than he would like us to say here. He knows the difference a quality product makes though, which is why he developed the eyeOs premium line of reading glasses. Europtics is proud to carry these great and good looking readers in all our locations. Here is a short video of Sam sharing the new models with Kelly, our store manager in Colorado Springs.

Last Thursday, October 17th, Cherry Creek North celebrated fashion with a fashion show featuring the best from the area’s boutiques, including Europtics at the JW Marriott in Cherry Creek North. Here is a snapshot of some of the models as the displayed some of the great fashion looks people have come to Europtics to see, for 30 years now.



Many of our friends and neighbors we affected by the severe flooding from the rains in September. Europtics recently offered to donate a portion of every eyeglass sale towards flood relief and we are happy to announce that Europtics customers came through purchasing new eyeglasses and sunglasses while helping us raise $2,500 for flood relief which we have sent to the Foothills Relief Fund managed by the Foothills United Way. Thank you to all our customers who really know how to help their neighbors.


We encourage all our friends and neighbors to help out  this worthy cause if you already haven’t by donating to this fund.
Click here to help.

AspenGrove2NOW OPEN

Europtics is moving forward with our newest location in The Aspen Grove Lifestyle Center located off Santa Fe Drive and Mineral Avenue in Littleton, Colorado. Conveniently located between Talbots and Coldwater Creek, our new store will feature all the terrific designer brand name eyeglasses and sunglasses our customers expect inside a Europtics. As the Southwest area of metro Denver has grown, we have looked for the right location and we think we’ve found a spacious convenient space with plenty of free parking our customers will appreciate. We will also have a full time Optometrist inside the store.

Europtics is expanding. Europtics is opening a store in Colorado Springs this fall!
Since Europtics opened over 25 years ago in Denver, thousands of people have made the trip north from Colorado Springs and Pueblo to shop the huge selection of famous name brand designer eyewear available at Europtics. Now the trip will be significantly shorter. The new Europtics store will be in The Promenade Shops at Briargate, 1685 Briargate Pkwy. on the north side of Colorado Springs. Conveniently located between Ted’s Montana Grill and the Apple Store, Europtics will bring the world of fine designer optics to Colorado Springs. We hope all our southern Colorado friends and customers are as excited as we are. Stay tuned for more details!



Your  vision isn’t a simple matter of optics. Vision consists of optics, plus neurological processing. The light converging on the retina must be interpreted, and the brain processes those signals. It has been shown that even in cases where a clear image is focused on the retina that neuro-adaptation may still be required if there are inherent optical aberrations within the visual system that the brain cannot accept.

In order to provide you with the best possible visual acuity, both your refractive error and wavefront error must be accurately measured… and corrected. Refractive errors, also known as low order aberrations (LOAs), are determined through traditional measurements and communicated in terms of power (sphere and cylinder) and location (axis). In comparison, wavefront errors, which are comprised of the combination of LOAs and high order aberrations (HOAs), are measured with an aberrometer and communicated in terms of orientation and magnitude.

Basically, every eye (including emmetropes) has some degree of measureable distortion (aberration), both LOA and HOA. While a conventional sphero-cylindrical vision correction eliminates LOAs, a wavefront-guided vision correction minimizes the blur that results from the combination of the LOA and HOA.



Europtics is proud to be one of the first in Colorado to have the new .Profilerplus® three-in-one system by ZEISS. This complex device will sample around 1,500 points across the entire pupil aperture. With this additional information, the eye doctors at Europtics can create customized prescriptions that address not only refractive error (LOAs), but HOAs as well.

The i.Profilerplus® three-in-one system by ZEISS makes creating a wavefront-guided refraction simple. Using the wavefront aberrometry data captured by the i.Profilerplus, the ZEISS VoluMetric merit function calculates the wavefront refraction with sphere and cylinder powers. Then use the i.Scription® software to combine the subjective refraction with the ocular wavefront aberrometry data to create a customized prescription that is accurate to 1/100th of a diopter, accuracy virtually unheard of previously.

Call and schedule an exam in our new Cherry Creek North store today (303-321-3000) and let us show you this remarkable technology to help us prescribe the best pair of glasses you have ever worn.

It’s been an exciting day at our new Europtics Cherry Creek North store. As many of you know, we are moving about 50 to a brand new store on Fillmore Plaza. Our new store will be bigger and better than ever with even more exciting eyeglasses, sunglasses and just about everything optical. Today we put up six new vinyl window coverings highlighting our slogan, “The Art Of Optics”. We think these windows look great. Come on by and check them out for yourself.



Dr. Shelly Toltz, who has an office at the Cherry Creek North Europtics, discusses eye exams for children just in time for Back to School, on KMGH TV with Christine Chang, on August 14th, 2011
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