Now at Europtics – i.Profiler Plus

Now at Europtics – i.Profiler Plus

Your  vision isn’t a simple matter of optics. Vision consists of optics, plus neurological processing. The light converging on the retina must be interpreted, and the brain processes those signals. It has been shown that even in cases where a clear image is focused on the retina that neuro-adaptation may still be required if there are inherent optical aberrations within the visual system that the brain cannot accept.

In order to provide you with the best possible visual acuity, both your refractive error and wavefront error must be accurately measured… and corrected. Refractive errors, also known as low order aberrations (LOAs), are determined through traditional measurements and communicated in terms of power (sphere and cylinder) and location (axis). In comparison, wavefront errors, which are comprised of the combination of LOAs and high order aberrations (HOAs), are measured with an aberrometer and communicated in terms of orientation and magnitude.

Basically, every eye (including emmetropes) has some degree of measureable distortion (aberration), both LOA and HOA. While a conventional sphero-cylindrical vision correction eliminates LOAs, a wavefront-guided vision correction minimizes the blur that results from the combination of the LOA and HOA.



Europtics is proud to be one of the first in Colorado to have the new .Profilerplus® three-in-one system by ZEISS. This complex device will sample around 1,500 points across the entire pupil aperture. With this additional information, the eye doctors at Europtics can create customized prescriptions that address not only refractive error (LOAs), but HOAs as well.

The i.Profilerplus® three-in-one system by ZEISS makes creating a wavefront-guided refraction simple. Using the wavefront aberrometry data captured by the i.Profilerplus, the ZEISS VoluMetric merit function calculates the wavefront refraction with sphere and cylinder powers. Then use the i.Scription® software to combine the subjective refraction with the ocular wavefront aberrometry data to create a customized prescription that is accurate to 1/100th of a diopter, accuracy virtually unheard of previously.

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