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Jacques Marie Mage

“I wear my wife’s glasses
because she wants me to see things her way…”

You want eyewear that  defines who you are as an individual. We believe more choice is better than less, which is why we offer more quality name brand designer eyewear, in more styles and more colors than just about any other optical retailer in the world. 


We are often asked why we don’t have an online catalog of eyeglasses to pick from. The answer is simple. The inventory at Europtics changes daily. The frame choices at many online optical retailers’ numbers in the dozens and change maybe once or twice a year. The frame choices at Europtics measures in the thousands. Every day we sell out this season’s frame choices and replace them with brand new eyewear styles and colors from around the world.


Our buyers constantly receive phone calls, emails, and knocks on the door from eyewear manufactures around the world, all asking us to carry their product. We are as picky as you are in purchasing new eyewear. Only a fraction of those brands make it to our store shelves and when they sell out we are anxious to try new brands, new styles and new colors.


Just as no two people like to wear the same outfit to a cocktail party, we don’t believe in selling the same eyewear styles to every person who walks through our doors. The only rule we try to live by in what we stock is, we have to be convinced each and every frame meets our standards for quality and craftsmanship we expect and you demand. 

shop remotely at Europtics

Want to shop from the comfort of your sofa? Europtics is offering a number of our favorite lines that are available for you to purchase remotely or just look over before you stop into your closest Europtics location.

Just like the inventory inside each Europtics location, the brands and models of eyewear available is constantly changing. Check out what’s in store today.