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Masunaga Female Sun
Masunaga Man Sun
“I saw a painting of the sun wearing sunglasses.
I spent the rest of the afternoon wondering what he was protecting his eyes from.”

Colorado has over 300 days of sunshine every year. Any wonder why we believe so strongly in protecting your eyes with good sunglasses? Add to the number of days with sunshine our Colorado altitude and the question you should be answering is why don’t you have more than one good pair of sunglasses?



We believe in high quality optics for every pair of eyeglasses and sunglasses we sell at Europtics, whether you need a prescription or not. We refuse to sell sunglasses that don’t offer protection for your eyes at the expense of just looking good. At Europtics we have Colorado’s largest selection of designer sunglasses in more styles and more colors than just about anyone else in Colorado.



We have sunglasses for driving, for skiing, for playing golf, for riding bikes, for running, for playing tennis, for sitting by the pool, or for sitting on the patio. We have sunglasses that fit your lifestyle, your look, and your budget. Most of all, we have sunglasses that protect your eyes from the intense Colorado sun.



Whether you need sunglasses with a prescription or without, we have sunglasses you will love. Now if we could only get the people driving next to us during rush hour to get good sunglasses too…

shop remotely at Europtics

Want to shop from the comfort of your sofa? Europtics is offering a number of our favorite lines that are available for you to purchase remotely or just look over before you stop into your closest Europtics location.

Just like the inventory inside each Europtics location, the brands and models of eyewear available is constantly changing. Check out what’s in-store today.