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Since Europtics was started, almost 30 years ago, Matsuda has been one of our favorite brand names in eyewear. Over the years they were consistent with their cutting edge designs and aesthetic beauty. Created by Japanese fashion designer Mitsuhiro Matsuda, we had customers coming in week after week asking for these well made unique designs. Of course their popularity only increased as they were featured in such movies as Terminator 2 or in the lyrics of Shawn “Puff Daddy” Combs rap songs in the late 90’s.


Through a series of unfortunate events (Lemony Snicket was not involved) Matsuda was left without a US distributor for many years.

We are very happy to announce that Matsuda is now back in the US after a few years absence and that Europtics once again is carrying the Matsuda line. Stop into one of our stores today and see the magic of Matsuda once again.